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What values do you add to this form.
ULR: This is the web address of the page you are looking at. On this page it is
Title: This is any text you wish or the text supplied by the web page you are browsing. On this page it could be Reference Organiser - New URL
DIO; Many journals now publish the standard DIO [document identification] code.
URL Type: Attempt to define the type of web Site you wish to bookmark. Private bookmaks are not available in search Requests.

Do I need to be registered to save the web address of a site I want to find again?
Yes because each URL that is saved is tagged to a registered user. If more than one browsers saves the same URL, then a new tag is created. This allows some interaction between users.

Why would I want to save a web address and what sort of links can I save?
Since ReferenceOrganiser.com is primarily directed towards students, academics and professionals, the majority of references will be journal or academic sites. But, in reality, anyone can save any web address. For instance, even though many links may be to journal articles, you may wish to save newspaper articles or broadcaster pages, While you are visiting, you could save some links to holiday locations or other sites that have little or no relationship to your professional activities. Each tag contains a space for you to write to post other material together with keywords that will help you find the links again.

Are my saved links private or visible to others?
This is up to you. Each tag can be labelled as Public or Private. If you mark a tag as Public, then others may search on your keywords and thus find URL links that may have a common interest. If the link is of interest, they may also tag it to their lists. Private Tags are not visible to others and therefore subject to the varegies of the Internet, noone should be able to view your tags.

What other things can I do with my saved URL Links?
Well, one thing could be to create a reference from the links. You can also flag the link as a favourite to allow rapid access or you could forwad the URL link to others who may be interested in reading the contents of the web page.

How is ReferenceOrganiser.com different to other social networking web site?
All social networking sites provide similar facilities. ReferenceOrganiser.com is more a Citation networking site does allow conversion to a reference list.

Can I make accessing ReferenceOrganiser.com easier to access?
Yes, an easy portal is to drag this web page on to your bookmarking bar and make to following changes.
Right click on the bookmark and select EDIT.
Change to name to GOTORO
Change to URL or properties to: javascript:(function(){location.href='http://www.referenceorganiser.com/Reference/NewRef.Asp?url='+encodeURIComponent(window.location.href)+'&title='+encodeURIComponent(document.title)})
On any web site of interest, selecting GOTORO should open this page in www.ReferenceOrganiser.com and insert the URL and page title into the form to post.
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