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List of References in Publication List: Cummulative Rates, CUMRATES
Reference List
883 Anniballo, R, Romano, S, A Baroni, E, A Albricci, L, A Colamaria, S, A Capalbo, A, A Sapienza, F, A Vajta, G, A Rienzi, L (2010) `Cumulative ongoing pregnancy rate achieved with oocyte vitrification and cleavage stage transfer without embryo s`election in a standard infertility program ` Human Reproduction 25 (5):1199 -1205 [View Web Page ]
838 Baroni, E, Ubaldi, F, Anniballo, R, Romano, S, Albricci, L, Colamaria, S, Capalbo, A, Sapienza, F, Vajta, G, Rienzi, L (2010) `Cumulative ongoing pregnancy rate achieved with oocyte vitrification and cleavage stage transfer without embryo se`lection in a standard infertility program` Hum. Reprod. 25 (5):1199 -1205 [View Web Page ]
839 De mouzon, J, Goossens, V, Bhattacharya, S, Castilla, J, Ferraretti, A, Korsak, V, Kupka, M, Nygren, K, Nyboe Andersen, A (2010 ) `Assisted reproductive technology in Europe, 2006: results generated from European registers by ESHRE [View Web Page ]
896 De neubourg, D, Daels, C, Elseviers, M, Mangelschots, K, Vercruyssen, M, Van Royen, E (2010 ) `Cumulative live-birth delivery after IVF/ICSI since the progressive introduction of single-embryo transfer [View Web Page ]
884 Haentjens, P, Evenepoel, J, A Devroey, P, A Collins, J, A Tournaye, H (2009) `Cumulative delivery rates in different age groups after artificial insemination with donor sperm ` Human Reproduction 24 (8):1891 -1899 [View Web Page ]
885 Haentjens, P, De Rycke, M, A Staessen, C, A Sermon, K, A Bonduelle, M, A Devroey, P, A Liebaers, I (2009) `Cumulative reproductive outcome after preimplantation genetic diagnosis: a report on 1498 couples ` Human Reproduction 24 (11):2951 -2959 [View Web Page ]
897 Lundin, K, Bergh, C (2007 ) `Cumulative impact of adding frozen-thawed cycles to single versus double fresh embryo transfers [View Web Page ]
886 Pelinck, M, Knol, H, A Vogel, N, A Arts, E, A Simons, A, A Heineman, M, A Hoek, A (2008) `Cumulative pregnancy rates after sequential treatment with modified natural cycle IVF followed by IVF with controlled ovarian stimulation ` Human Reproduction 23 (8):1808 -1814 [View Web Page ]
888 Vernaeve, V, Kolibianakis, E, A Tournaye, H, A Camus, M, A Van Steirteghem, A, A Devroey, P (2003) `Cumulative delivery rates after ICSI treatment cycles with freshly retrieved testicular sperm: a 7year follow-up study` Human Reproduction 18 (9):1836 -1840 [View Web Page ]
840 Wex-wechowski, J, Abou-Setta, A, Nielsen, S, Kennedy, R (2010) `HP-HMG versus rFSH in treatments combining fresh and frozen IVF cycles: success rates and economic evaluation.` Reprod. Biomed. Online 21 (2):166 -178 [View Web Page ]
756 Zegers-hochschild, F, Adamson, G, de Mouzon, J, Ishihara, O, Mansour, R, Nygren, K, Sullivan, E, van der Poe, S (2009) `The International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technology (ICMART) and the World Health Organization (WHO) Revised Glossary on ART Terminology, 2009 -` Hum. Reprod. 24 (11):2683 -2687 [View Web Page ]
882 Zhang, J, Chang, L, Sone, Y, Silber, S (2010) `Minimal ovarian stimulation (mini-IVF) for IVF utilizing vitrification and cryopreserved embryo transfer` Reprod. Biomed. Online 21 (4):485 -495 [View Web Page ]
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