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List of References in Publication List: Sperm-Transport
Reference List
556 Aitken, R, Allan, I, Irvine, S, Macnamee, M (1996) `Studies on the development of diluents for the transportation and storage of human semen at ambient temperature.` Hum. Reprod. 11 (0):2186 -2196
555 Allan, I, Irvine, D, Macnamee, M, Aitken, R (1997 ) `Field trial of a diluent for the transportation of human semen at ambient temperatures. ` Fertil. Steril. 67 (0):384 -354
554 Young, K, Robbins, W, Xun, L, Elashoff, D, Rothmann, S, Perreault, S (2003 ) `Evaluation of chromosome breakage and DNA integrity in sperm: an investigation of remote semen collection conditions. ` J. Androl 24 (0):853 -861
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