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List of References in Publication List: FSH papers
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426 Al-inany, H, Abou-Setta, A, Aboulghar, M, Mansour, R, Serour, G (2008) `Efficacy and safety of human menopausal gonadotrophins versus recombinant FSH: a meta-analysis.` Med. J. Aust 16 (1):81 -88
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874 Collins, J (2009 ) `Mild stimulation for in vitro fertilization: making progress downward. [View Web Page ]
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175 Fleming, R, Deshpande, N, Traynor, I, Yates, R (2006) `Dynamics of FSH-induced follicular growth in subfertile women: relaitonship with age, insulin resistance, oocyte yield and anit-mullerian hormone` Hum. Reprod. 21 (6):1436 -1441 [View Web Page ]
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264 Van horne, A, Bates, G, Robinson, R, Arthur, N, Propst, A (2007) `Recombinant follicle-stimulating hormone ( rFSH) supplemented with low dose human chorionic gonadotropin compared with rFSH alone for ovarian stimulation for in vitro fertilization ` Fertil. Steril. 88 (4):1010 -1013
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