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Examples of Reference Lists
List of References in Publication List: Epigenetics and IVF, EPIGENETIC
Reference List
777 Katari, S, Turan, N, Bibikova, M, Erinle, O, Chalian, R, Foster, M, Gaughan, J, Coutifaris, C, Sapienza, C (2009 ) `DNA methylation and gene expression differences in children conceived in vitro or in vivo. [View Web Page ]
413 Li, T, Vu, T, Ulaner, G, Littman, E, Ling, J, Chen, H, Hu, J, Behr, B, Giudice, L, Hoffman, A (2006) `IVF results in de novo DNA methylation and histone methylation at an Igf2-H19 imprinting epigenetic switch.` Mol. Hum. Reprod 11 (9):631 -640
778 Market-velker, B, Zhang, L, Magri, L, Bonvissuto, A, Mann, M (2010 ) `Dual effects of superovulation: loss of maternal and paternal imprinted methylation in a dose-dependent manner. [View Web Page ]
821 Simon, L, Brunborg, G, Stevenson, M, Lutton, D, McManus, J, Lewis, S (2010 ) `Clinical significance of sperm DNA damage in assisted reproduction outcome. [View Web Page ]
822 Tierling, S, Souren, N, Gries, J, LoPorto, C, Groth, M, Lutsik, P, Neitze, H, Utz-Billin, I, Gillessen-Kaesbach, G, Kentenich, H, Griesinge, G, Sperling, K, Schwinger, E, Walter, J (2010) `Assisted reproductive technologies do not enhance the variability of DNA methylation imprints in human .` J Med Genet 47 (6):371 -376 [View Web Page ]
412 Waterland, R, Lin, J, Smith, C, Jirtle, R (2006) `Post-weaning diet affects genomic imprinting at the insulin-like growth factor 2 (Igf2) locus.` Hum Mol Genet 15 (5):705 -716
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