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List of References in Publication List: ICSI-Failed Fertilisation, ICSI_FAIL
Reference List
700 Ahmady, A, Michael, E (2007) `Successful Pregnancy and Delivery Following Intracytoplasmic Injection of Frozen-Thawed Nonviable Testicular Sperm and Oocyte Activation With Calcium Ionophore ` J. Androl 28 (1):13 -14 [View Web Page ]
701 Ajduk, A, Yamauchi, Y, Ward, M (2006) `Sperm Chromatin Remodeling after Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Differs from That of In Vitro Fertilization ` Biol.Reprod 75 (3):442 -451 [View Web Page ]
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699 Heindryckx, B, Van der Elst, J, De Sutter, P, Dhont, M (2005) `Treatment option for sperm- or oocyte-related fertilization failure: assisted oocyte activation following diagnostic heterologous ICSI ` Hum. Reprod. 20 (8):2237 -2241 [View Web Page ]
691 Kordus, R, Price, R, Davis, J, Whitman-Elia, G (2008) `Successful twin birth following blastocyst culture of embryos derived from the immotile ejaculated spermatozoa from a patient with primary ciliary dyskinesia: a case report.` J Assist Reprod Genetic 25 (9):437 -443 [View Web Page ]
560 Mansour, R, Serour, M, Abbas, A, Kamal, A, Tawab, N, Aboulghar, M, Aboulghar, M, Serour, G (2008) `The impact of spermatozoa preincubation time and spontaneous acrosome reaction in intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a controlled randomized study. ` Fertil. Steril. 90 (3):584 -591 [View Web Page ]
718 Rawe, V, Díaz, E, Abdelmassih, R, Wójcik, C, Morales, P, Sutovsky, P, Cheme, H (2008 ) `The role of sperm proteasomes during sperm aster formation and early zygote development: implications for fertilization failure in humans. ` Hum. Reprod. 23 (3):573 -0 [View Web Page ]
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731 Terada, Y, Hasegawa, H, Takahashi, A, Ugajin, T, Yaegashi, N, Okamura, K (2009 ) `Successful pregnancy after oocyte activation by a calcium ionophore for a patient with recurrent intracytoplasmic sperm injection failure, with an assessment of oocyte activation ++++ ` Fertil. Steril. 91 (3):935 -0 [View Web Page ]
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