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List of References in Publication List: Oocyte Activation
Reference List
654 Grasa, P, Coward, K, Young, C, Parrington, J (2008) `The pattern of localization of the putative oocyte activation factor, phospholipase Czeta, in uncapacitated, capacitated, and ionophore-treated human spermatozoa.` Hum. Reprod. 23 (11):2513 -2522 [View Web Page ]
699 Heindryckx, B, Van der Elst, J, De Sutter, P, Dhont, M (2005) `Treatment option for sperm- or oocyte-related fertilization failure: assisted oocyte activation following diagnostic heterologous ICSI ` Hum. Reprod. 20 (8):2237 -2241 [View Web Page ]
751 Ito, C, Akutsu, H, Yao, R, Kyono, K, Suzuki-Toyota, F, Toyama, Y, Maekawa, M, Noda, T, Toshimori, K (2009) `Oocyte activation ability correlates with head flatness and presence of perinuclear theca substance in human and mouse sperm.` Hum. Reprod. 24 (10):2588 -2595 [View Web Page ]
728 Kyono, K, Nakajo, Y, Nishinaka, C, Hattori, H, Kyoya, T, Ishikawa, T, Abe, H, Araki, Y (2009) `A birth from the transfer of a single vitrified-warmed blastocyst using intracytoplasmic sperm injection with calcium ionophore oocyte activation in a globozoospermic patient` Fertil. Steril. 91 (3):931 -0 [View Web Page ]
750 Murase, Y, Araki, Y, Mizuno, S, Kawaguchi, C, Naito, M, Yoshizawa, M, Araki, Y (2004) `Pregnancy following chemical activation of oocytes in a couple with repeated failure of fertilization using ICSI: Case report ` Hum. Reprod. 19 (7):1604 -1607 [View Web Page ]
731 Terada, Y, Hasegawa, H, Takahashi, A, Ugajin, T, Yaegashi, N, Okamura, K (2009 ) `Successful pregnancy after oocyte activation by a calcium ionophore for a patient with recurrent intracytoplasmic sperm injection failure, with an assessment of oocyte activation ++++ ` Fertil. Steril. 91 (3):935 -0 [View Web Page ]
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