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List of References in Publication List: ReVitrification, REVITRIF
Reference List
612 Kumasako y, , Otsu E, E, Utsunomiya T, T, Araki Y, Y (2009) `The efficacy of the transfer of twice frozen-thawed embryos with the vitrification method` Fertil. Steril. 91 (2):383 -386 [View Web Page ]
346 Kuwayama, M, Vajta, G, Kato, O, Leibo, S (2005) `Highly efficient vitrification method for cryopreservation of human oocytes` Reprod. Biomed. Online 11 (3):300 -308 [View Web Page ]
898 Sheehan, C, Lane, M, Gardner, D (2006) `The Cryoloop facilitates re-vitrification of embryos at four successive stages of development without impairing embryo growth.` Hum. Reprod. 21 (11):2978 -2984 [View Web Page ]
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