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List of References in Publication List: HIV, Hep B/C
Reference List
835 Heikinheimo, O, Lähteenmäki, P (2009) `Contraception and HIV infection in women.` Hum. Reprod. Update 15 (2):165 -176 [View Web Page ]
748 Lutgens, S, Nelissen, E, van Loo, I, Koek, G, Derhaag, J, Dunselman, G (2009 ) `To do or not to do: IVF and ICSI in chronic hepatitis B virus carriers [View Web Page ]
263 Manigart, Y, Rozenberg, S, Barlow, P, Gerard, M, Bertrand, E, Delvign, A (2006) `ART outcome in HIV-infected patients.` Hum. Reprod. 21 (11):2935 -2940
262 Savasi, V, Ferrazzi, E, Lanzani, C, Oneta, M, Parrilla, B, Persico, T (2007) `Safety of sperm washing and ART outcome in 741 HIV-1-serodiscordant couples.` Hum. Reprod. 22 (3):772 -777
328 Steyaert, S, Leroux-Roels, G, Dhont, M (2006) `Infections in IVF: Review and guidelines` Hum. Reprod. Updates 6 (5):432 -441 [View Web Page ]
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